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KSUM’s VST IoT Comes up with Anti-virus Mask Ahead of School Reopening

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October 19, 2021

VST IoT Solutions under Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) has launched a special mask that can kill viruses in five seconds on contact with the surface, earning topicality when schools are to reopen after one-and-a-half years of pandemic-induced break.

The innovative product, which has been proven effective by using a unique nano-coating technology tested at BTS Lab Mumbai, will be of extra help for primary-level students who are prone to be careless in their social conduct expected in times of Covid-19.

The year-old startup has also come up with an IoT-based vending machine with QR-code payment system, where the user can dispense the mask without touching it at all.

Such a facility can also be useful in public places like hotels, public parks, schools, colleges, airports, cinema halls, malls and industrial places, according to VST IoT Solutions.

The company, which functions from Vytila in this city, has further developed a surface disinfectant that remains active for 24 hours.

VST IoT Solutions is looking for distributors across the country.

KSUM is the state’s 2006-founded nodal agency for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities.