#Maiamwhistle: Kamal Haasan Launches Mobile App for Whistleblowers


CHENNAI: Actor Kamal Haasan on Tuesday launched a mobile application called #maiamwhistle, as a step to create a foundation for his political activity. The application will be a citizen’s platform to enable whistleblowing.

Earlier the actor visited a medical camp arranged by Narpani Iyakkam, and he appealed to all not to link the initiative with politics. Haasan, who turned 63 today, said, “We have arranged a medical camp. I am sure the government is doing their best to arrange for water outlets and waterlogged areas. We had an epidemic of Dengue, which for various reasons, we pretended is not there. More people should come forward and arrange such medical camps. There is no connection of this camp with politics”.
He added that arranging medical camps is necessary to detect contagious diseases before it becomes an epidemic as it did the last time. “People have been commenting that I am dreaming big. I want to tell them that it is dream which ultimately gets materialised,” Haasan said.

He added that there is a danger of epidemics, but steps should be taken to control it. “We are doing our best and the government should also do it. I would request others also to afford their time and look for people who are suffering and help them. To be given this opportunity to help the people is my birthday gift. This is one of the best birthdays I have had,” he said.



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