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Mass Fest Honoured Salam Pappinissery

June 19, 2023

Mass Fest was organized in connection with the 40th anniversary of “Mass”, an expatriate organization in the UAE.

Kerala Registration Minister V. N. Vasavan, former Speaker and Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly P. Sreeramakrishnan were the chief guests at the celebrations held at Sharjah Expo Center. Salam Pappinissery, CEO of Yab Legal Services, UAE was honored with a momento at the event. He received the award from Minister V N Vasavan.

The music festival of KS Harishankaran, who is very popular among young singers, was also staged during the celebration. Mass Sharjah President Wahid Natika, Mass Sharjah Secretary Samindran, NTV Chairman Mathukutty and others were present in the ceremony.