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Mexican Ambassador in Raha to Feel Ayurveda

In Health
June 02, 2023

Mexican Ambassador Federico Salas came to Raha to experience Ayurveda. Observing that there is a connection between Ayurveda and traditional treatment methods in Mexico, he said that lifestyle diseases can be overcome if the potential of Ayurveda is used to the maximum.

He underwent treatment at Raha’s Integrated Rehab Center at Le-Meridian West Wing and was completely satisfied with Ayurveda. He was treated by expert doctors team led by Medical Admin Dr. Jijiprasad. Attaché Ricardo Daniel Delgado Munoz and Indian Economic Trade Organization Director Mohit Srivastava Raha Medical Director Dr. AM Anwar said that recognition by the international community, including diplomats, would benefit the global growth of Ayurveda.