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Mind Wars, a Pioneer in Gamifying Knowledge, Receives a Gratifying Response in Kollam

In Education
July 08, 2022

Mind Wars, a ZEEL (Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.) initiative launched to gamify knowledge for students, has received a positive response in Kollam. Mind Wars is India’s first and only gamified knowledge ecosystem, providing students with a simple platform for improving their knowledge through progress-driven quizzing. It has received tremendous support from over a hundred schools in the city and over a thousand schools throughout the state.

Parents, teachers, and students – the primary stakeholders in any educational system – have celebrated the competitive approach to learning in Kollam. Mind Wars has seen unprecedented growth in the Cashew Capital of the World, with over 3000 student registrations! St. John’s School, Sree Narayana Trust Central School, and T.K.M Centenary Public School, to name a few, are among the prestigious educational institutions that have registered with Mind Wars in the city.

Not only students but teachers and even Principals too are joining in on the action! Says Mrs. Susan, Principal, St. John’s School, “Mind Wars quiz is a very informative programme to our students. Teachers also find the programme very useful as the topics are interesting, subject related and connects with important and recent events taking place across the country and world. Given the Quiz maintains its standartd and quality, our students actively participate in on this platform.”

With its vision to make knowledge gaining exciting, engaging, and accessible for students across India, Mind Wars has been in hot pursuit of its goals since its inception in 2019. Its social media platforms have been buzzing with quizzes where the participants have been winning a plethora of daily and weekly prizes! Aside from the prizes, the students’ biggest takeaway is their increased self-confidence! The students learn to make split-second decisions, to have empathy toward fellow competitors, and to develop a positive state of mind. Individuals stand out when they have a never-ending curiosity to learn new things and an affinity for growth.

Mind Wars now has a base of over 3.5 crore students across the country, and is well on course to fulfill its mission of “Making India Smarter.” Today it has a representation from across all state and central boards. It has successfully reached students from all 28 states and 8 union territories with its more than 2 lakh+ content pieces in 12 different languages.

According to Umesh Kr Bansal, Executive Vice President, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, “I am delighted that our team at Mind Wars is receiving an overwhelming response from the teachers and the student community”. We want to provide kids with knowledge-based alternatives that will enable them to become street smart, which will enable them to handle any scenario in life, through programs like the debate championships. We envision a future where children are empowered with knowledge that makes them street smart and equipped to take on any situation in life.”

Mind Wars’ activities have been a harbinger of the contemporary ways of inculcating holistic knowledge. This modern approach to education has enabled Mind Wars to attract student participation and registrations from around 691 districts (96.78%) across the country. Numbers have been a reflection of the success of Mind Wars, with over 31,829 schools, and teachers from over 12010 schools, being a part of its family.

With the environment around students constantly changing, the need of the hour is to engage in holistic multi-faceted learning modules. If students develop a passion for learning, they shall never cease to grow. It should never be an obligation; learning should be fun! It should be something that excites the mind. Mind Wars ticks all the necessary check-boxes!