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Modi Should Visit Manipur, Take Steps to Restore Peace: Kharge to Prez

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August 02, 2023

A delegation of INDIA alliance leaders led by Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Wednesday met President Droupadi Murmu and demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit Manipur and take measures to restore peace in the strife-hit northeastern State.

The leaders also sought the intervention of the President on the issue. Speaking to media after meeting the President, Kharge said, “Today a delegation of 31 MPs of the INDIA alliance met the President. We apprised her of the situation in Manipur based on the inputs of 21 MPs of the alliance who visited the state.”

He said that the delegation also submitted a memorandum to the President on the incidents taking place there, especially the atrocities against women and how two women were stripped and paraded. It also elaborates on how over 5,000 houses were set on fire, more than 200 lives lost and over 500 injured.

Around 60,000 have taken refuge in the relief camps, the Congress leader stated. “The people in relief camps are not getting proper water, food and there is no proper medical facility for the ill,” he highlighted. “Therefore, we had gone to draw President Murmu’s attention on the Manipur issue.

She has assured to look into it. We wanted to tell the people of the country after a discussion on Manipur in Parliament under Rule 267 in Rajya Sabha and in Lok Sabha through adjournment motion. In the Rajya Sabha, 65 people have given notices under rule 267, but the government is rejecting and not allowing us to speak,” the Congress leader said.

He further alleged that in the Lok Sabha when the adjournment motion was not taken up, a no confidence motion had to be moved. “But they have decided to keep it for the last days of the session. The intention is not to give much importance, no discussion and not giving time and they will go after replying as the House will be adjourned,” he said referring to the Lok Sabha taking up the no confidence motion on August 8 and the Prime Minister reply on August 10.

The Monsoon Session of Parliament is set to conclude on August 11. He also said that in the Rajya Sabha, when we are raising the issue, but are not allowed to speak. “And when I raise to speak my microphone is switched off within seconds.This shows they don’t want to follow the democratic process and it is reason why we are fighting unitedly,” Kharge said.

“When the two communities were fighting, the Prime Minister should have visited Manipur. Its been 92 days, he should have spoken to the people,” he said. He also said that there are many examples of discussion taken up under Rule 267 but the government is not ready to listen. “The violence in Haryana is happening in front of their eyes. It is happening within 100 km of the PMO. If the government cannot take note of the riots and violence in Haryana, we also apprised the President about it too,” Kharge added. Asked what is the main demand of the INDIA parties, Kharge said, “Main demand is that the Prime Minister goes to Manipur and speak to people and take steps to restore peace.”