Mohanlal Supports Demonetization in His Blog

Actor Mohanlal, in his blog came out in support of demonetization of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The actor, who extended his support for demonetization, feels that such a movement was necessary for the benefit of our country. Mohanlal has also made it clear that he is not the supporter of a specific person but remohanlalspects ideas.
Mohanlal decided to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as he feels that such a movement is the first step towards a great goal. The actor has also reacted to the criticisms towards the movement, through his blog.
He points out that people have no issues in standing in the queue in front of liquor shops, movie theatres, or spiritual centres. But, they are not ready to adapt to the difficulties associated with such a huge movement.
Mohanlal also points out that the demonetization has also affected the film industry, as much as it has affected the lives of the commoners. But, the industry is trying to overcome it with active teamwork.
The actor, who is currently filming for his upcoming Major Ravi-directed war movie 1971 Beyond Borders in a small town near Jaipur, concluded his blog by offering his salute to the g
ame-changing movement.


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