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Muslim Girl Embraces Hinduism Seeing Hamas Atrocities

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November 23, 2023

A girl named Muskan Siddiqui was so upset on seeing the atrocities committed by the Hamas terrorists in Israel on TV that she decided to leave Islam and become a Hindu.

Muskaan embraced Hindu religion and married a Hindu, Shishupal Maurya, a fortnight ago.

The couple got married according to Hindu rituals in the presence of Rashtriya Hindu Sher Sena chief, Vikar Hindu.

Muskan, 23, lives in Katra in Shahjahanpur while her husband lives in Maholi Chadiya village under Maholi police station area.

Muskaan and Shishupal became close while working in a factory in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

Muskaan Siddiqui, who changed his name to Muskaan Maurya, has filed an affidavit confirming that she has embraced Hinduism of her own free will and was not duped or forced to change her religion.

In her affidavit, Muskaan said that she was highly upset and disgusted by the atrocities against Israeli women during a brutal attack on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas on October 7.

The couple also signed a pre-nuptial agreement that legally confirmed their marriage. They vowed to follow Hindu culture, spend their lives together as life partners and that in the future their children would get a legal share in Shishpal Maurya’s property.

The couple got married at Kali Mandir in Ramkot police station area. The wedding ceremony was performed by Arya Samaj.

A video has also been released in which she says that Hamas’ atrocities against Israeli women forced her to leave Islam.