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NASSCOM FAYA:80 to Host Seminar on Beckn Protocol at Technopark on Jan 10

In Business
January 08, 2024

NASSCOM-associated FAYA:80, a knowledge community based at Technopark, will host a seminar on Beckn Protocol that enables location-aware local commerce across industries as part of its 111th edition of the open tech seminar.

The seminar will be held at Faya “Floor of Madness,” Thejaswini building, Technopark, here on January 10 at 5 pm.

The session promises tech enthusiasts a holistic foundational understanding of Beckn as an open protocol, its technical intricacies as well as practical applications across various domains.

Faiz Mohammed, Head of Engineering at FIDE, will lead a session on “Decoding Beckn: Building the Interconnected World of Tomorrow” by introducing the innovative Beckn Protocol.

Beckn Protocol is an open protocol for decentralized digital commerce. It allows local businesses across any industry to be discovered and engaged by any other beckn-enabled application and is the technology that powers ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce).