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Nippon Paint’s KIDZ All-in-one Paint Receives NHA Certification

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June 23, 2021

Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division) Asia’s leading paint manufacturer today announced that they have received the NHA (National Health Academy) certification for their product KIDZ Paint – an All-in-one child wellness paint. The KIDZ paint was created with a strong commitment to championing indoor safety and child health and is tailored to fulfil the demands of a child’s entire childhood.

Since the pandemic hit India last year in March, all of us have been confined indoors. Earlier, much of the concern for good air quality was directed towards the outdoor air quality, but with the nationwide lockdowns and increased confinement indoors, indoor air quality has currently taken the precedence. The impact of indoor air quality is especially crucial for new-borns and children. Prior to the launch of KIDZ in 2018, Nippon Paint’s R&D team had come up with three main findings and corresponding ways to address them, all under one label – The KIDZ paint – based on extensive testing and years of industry study making it the ‘Safest Interior Paint for Kids’.

Finding 1:
▪ Since new-borns have a respiratory rate up to three times that of adults, good air quality is critical for their developing lungs.
▪ Anti-formaldehyde technology for Clean Air – Allows for air purification by removing toxic formaldehyde in the air as well as formaldehyde released by other household items such as wooden furniture, carpets, bedding, and so on, leaving only new, child-safe air.

Finding 2:
▪ Since babies and toddlers spend the majority of their time indoors, they are more susceptible to bacteria, viruses, mould, and fungi.
▪ Anti-viral & Anti-bacterial for Safe touch – The Silver-ion technology combats a variety of dangerous bacterial and viral infections, ensuring a 99 percent germ and infection-free environment for a child’s development.

Finding 3:
▪ 76% of parents said their children use the wall to practise drawing and for other cognitive skills
▪ Superior Washability for Creativity – The patented anti-stain system provides a hassle-free cleaning experience that lasts even after 10,000 scrubs.

Emphasizing the need for such a breakthrough product for Indian homes, S Mahesh Anand, President – Nippon Paint India (Decorative) commented, “We are delighted to receive the certification from NHA for KIDZ paint. This has further bolstered KIDZ paint’s position as the safest paint for children. The KIDZ paint is aimed at combating the indoor air pollution while nurturing their creativity. According to WHO (World Health Organization), every day around 93% of the world’s children under the age of 15 years (1.8 billion children) breathe air which is so polluted that it puts their health and development at serious risk. The pandemic has further enhanced the need for such a revolutionary paint. The excellent features of this paint like anti-formaldehyde, anti-bacterial and silver ion technology will help children in growing up into a healthier, brighter individuals.”