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Officials Dump Household Waste and Sanitary Pads at the Secretariat; Warning

In Kerala
May 25, 2023

House keeping department’s circular against employees depositing household waste in the secretariat. It was found that household waste is deposited in buckets installed in each department to deposit waste.

Household food scraps, vegetable scraps and sanitary pads were found to be deposited in buckets by the staff. Complaints were also received from the employees about the strong smell due to the residues. According to the housekeeping department of the Public Administration Department, the trend of depositing household waste in the office continues despite the instructions regarding cleanliness are given every three months. The idea is to take strong action against the employees who throw garbage. Waste bins will be brought within the range of CCTV cameras.

All employees should avoid bags and plastic bottles and prioritize reusable containers for bringing food and water. It was also advised to avoid putting ornamental plants in the bottle. This is due to the presence of roaches found in the water in many places. The health department had warned that water-borne diseases like dengue fever could cause outbreaks. It was also directed to remove the unused vehicles in many parts of the Secretariat as they are a security problem.