Onam: Milma’s Tvm Union Clocks All-time Sales Record

Thiruvananthapuram Regional Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union (TRCMPU) of Milma clocked an all-time record in Onam sales this year, supplying 32 lakh litres of Milk, 2.25 lakh kg of Curd and 259 Metric Tonnes of Ghee and other dairy products during the festival season.

The achievement gives Milma’s dairy farmers much-needed encouragement amid Covid-19 that has led to lockdown-related crises, TRCMPU Administrative Committee Convenor N. Bhasurangan and Managing Director D.S. Konda said.

“We have further consolidated our position as the leader in the dairy market during this year’s Onam,” Bhasurangan recalled. “On the festival eve (Uthradam), the Trivandrum Dairy under TRCMPU topped the sales among all districts in the State’, he added.

TRCMPU’s homogenized toned milk (525-ml packet) launched recently, is witnessing a daily rise in popularity among consumers, Konda added.

For the first time, TRCMPU gave its dairy farmers one rupee extra for each litre of milk procured during the month of June 2021, as Onam incentive, besides Rs 1,000 for each one of them as festival gift. Further, milk-supplying agencies will be given one per cent incentive to be disbursed next month.

Both the TRCMPU officials expressed gratitude to dairy farmers, cooperative employees, dealers, contractors in the distribution section and vehicle crew, for this outstanding performance during this festival season and for living upto the expectations of the consumers.

TRCMPU is working towards launching a string of new value-added, innovative products in the near future, they added.


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