One Lakh Women to be Benefited by “Hriday Sangini” Initiative

In order to check the rampant growth of heart diseases among women, Madhavbaug launched its ‘Madhavbaug Hriday Sangini’ health movement on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

At the inauguration of the event, a well-known theatre and film artiste, as well as writer Sonali Kulkarni, was present who also the brand ambassador of the initiative. Sonali Kulkarni formally launched the logo of the movement as well as the ‘HridaySangini Heart Health Meter’ mobile app. Dr. Rohit Sane, founder, and CEO of Madhavbaug welcomed everyone for the launch of this health movement. Madhavbaug aims to provide heart health check-up and health guidance to one-lakh women in the coming year through this movement.

Madhavbaug has integrated the knowledge of Ayurveda and optimal lifestyle modification with the insights of modern medical science to deliver world-class non-surgical heart treatment. In-depth researched treatments, diets and protocols backed with proven efficacy makes Madhavbaug’s treatments reliable and effective.

With over 190 clinics, 20 rural OPD’s, 2 hospitals and 300+ doctors they are providing inexpensive researched based on non-invasive treatment. An unhealthy lifestyle with low levels of physical activity and a high intake of unhealthy processed foods is the main cause of heart disease in India. Madhavbaug’s Ayurvedic treatments for heart health include specialized diet plans, herbal preparations, therapeutic practices, and yoga. These treatments help to control and even eliminate the causative factors of heart disease, which ameliorates and even reverses the symptoms of this condition.

Speaking on the occasion, Sonali Kulkarni expressed her happiness to be connected to the Madhavbaug family. She said, “As I understood the whole concept of Madhavbaug, I realized that it’s not like I rush in cure me here after getting heart disease, tell these people to do a checkup, tell them to and send me home, expecting them to own the entire responsibility here onwards.

Here, the concept is we need to take care of our heart and we need to do that even when there’s no reason to do it. And then, if and when the need arises, they would come to help us. This is a very interesting and important concept indeed. The very term Hriday Sangini combines two great words. I see a lot of Sanginis or companions here. We all ought to come together. Madhavbaug has decided to bring all these friends together ‘Heart to heart’ this year. We must respond to it and participate in it in large numbers. Let’s remember ‘My mission is a healthy heart. My family, my heart.


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