Opposition Deputy Leader PK Kunhalikutty was Given a Grand Welcome in Dubai

Kerala Legislative Assembly Deputy Leader of Opposition and Muslim League’s National General Secretary and Vengara MLA PK Kunhalikutty, who arrived in Dubai for a visit to the UAE, was given a grand welcome by KMCC workers and prominent personalities from social and cultural circles at Dubai Airport. In the coming days, he will participate in various programs organized under the auspices of UAE KMCC in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

UAE KMCC President Puthur Rahman, Regency Group Head Shamsuddin Bin Muhaydeen, Yab Legal Services CEO and Lok Kerala Sabha Member Salam Pappinissery, Dubai KMCC President Ibrahim Alateil, UAE KMCC General Secretary PK Anwar Naha, Dubai KMCC Acting President Ibrahim Murichidi, Loi Abu Amra, Potan KandiAbdullah, Dr. Anwar Amin, Yahya Talangara, Abdullah Farooqi, KPA Salam, OK Ibrahim, Adv. Sajid Abubakar, Adv. Khalil, Hassan Chalil Ismail Eramala and others were present.


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