Oushadha Biksha Yatra to Reach Kozhikode on Sunday

Having received a resounding reception in various districts of Kerala, the pioneering Oushadha Biksha Yatra, an extensive campaign organised by Nelliakkattu Sreedhareeyam Oushadheswari temple of Koothattukulam to tour 114 temples across the state to collect medicines and herbs as alms, will pass through various temples of Kozhikode on Sunday, July 8.
Devotees can offer ‘Thriphala’ and ghee as ‘biksha’ (alms) when the chariot, a specially designed vehicle carrying the idol of Goddess of Wellness Oushadheswari, reaches the district.
On Sunday, at 6 am, the Yatra will resume from Thali Mahashiva Temple situated in the heart of Kozhikode city which will then move on to visit Thali Sree Mahaganapathi Balasubramanya temple, Sree Kandeswara temple, Sree Pisharikavy temple, Sree Lokanarkavu temple, Sree Mridangasaileswary Devi temple, Mattannur Sree Mahadeva temple and Mamanikkunnu Sree Mahadevi temple.
Kerala has been sustaining a centuries-old tradition in Kerala to take specially prepared medicines and follow a strict regimen of simple diets and oil baths in the difficult Karkitakam month (broadly July-August ), which tend to re-energise the body and the mind.
Medicines, herbs and other ingredients collected during the campaign from around the state would go into the making of the special ‘Karkitaka” medicine package, which will be distributed among the people.
‘Oushadha Seva’ starts once the Yatra returns to Koothatukulam Oushadheswari temple.


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