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PhonePe SmartSpeakers Offer Voice Payment Notifications in Malayalam

In Business
June 08, 2023

PhonePe, today announced the launch of voice payment notifications for its SmartSpeakers in Malayalam. With the introduction of vernacular voice notifications, merchants can now validate customer payments instantly in the regional language of their choice, without having to check the customer’s phone screen or wait for the payment confirmation SMS from the bank, especially during peak business hours.

PhonePe SmartSpeakers are currently being utilized by merchant partners across 19,000 pin codes (covering over 90% of the country), to enable voice payment notifications. In Kerala alone, PhonePe has successfully digitized 9 lakh merchant partners, who are actively utilizing its QR codes and other solutions. With the addition of voice payment notifications in Malayalam, they can now access PhonePe SmartSpeakers in their preferred language within the PhonePe for Business app, without incurring any extra charges. On an average, PhonePe SmartSpeakers validate over 2.7 crore transactions per month in Kerala, demonstrating its widespread adoption in the state.

Speaking on the new offerings, Vivek Lohcheb, Head of Offline Business at PhonePe said, “As we take digital payments into the Indian heartlands, our aim is to actively solve for the numerous challenges that merchants currently encounter, thus ensuring the optimal utilization of our SmartSpeaker devices. Addressing the challenges that come with varying lingual needs is a step in that direction. With the growing demand for payment validation, our objective is to make our devices accessible to every merchant in India by localizing and customizing our services to cater to their specific needs.”