There is Possibility of Death in Every Injection, Says Jacob Vadakkanchery

There is a possibility of death in every injection and taking something through mouth is good, says yoga and naturopathy specialist Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery.
Speaking at the meeting on ‘Keeping Your Heart Healthy’ organised by Nature Life International, he said that injection is unscientific. Those working in drains are more healthy than those living in more hygiene area. Those working in paddy fields can live for more than 90 years.
There are several doctors who are genuine and comes out open against the unethical practices. But they are isolated.
Vaccination is very dangerous. Even doctors were also affected with wrong vaccination.
Several deaths are caused due to medicines and infections from hospitals. Around 2.25 lakhs people die in America every year due to bad medical practices.
Jacob Vadakkanchery urged the people to live without medicines. But in case of emergency situations use medicines, he said.
Dr Krishna Rao said that the day robbery is happening in escalating the cost of medicines. The corporates fix the amount as they wish when the manufacturing cost is very less.
For each diseases doctors advice to take medicine for life long. Also the number of tablets will increase step by step.
Many people die due to their emotions. When we go for diagnostics they will find something and ask to take medicine.
Even now there are medicines for pre hypertension and pre diabetes to prevent these diseases which helps the pharmaceutical companies. Cholesterol diabetes and hypertension are not diseases, its part of our body, he said.
When we go to a doctor he never goes for a second opinion. He decides what to do and what medicines to take, he added.
Raveendranath said that we should find the reason for the disease rather than taking medicine. When we use fish and meat together the PH level of blood will reduce and cause acidity leading to disease.
All diseases are creation of subconscious mind. Angiogram is more dangerous as the dye used here damage our blood. He will be forced to take medicine till his death, he said.
Dr M P Mathai, Dr Gopalakrishnan and N N Sugunapalan also spoke.



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