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Power Tillers from Kamco to North Eastern States

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April 13, 2017

Power Tillers from Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation (KAMCO) will be sent to North Eastern states from Angamali from now.kamco
Railway will provide NMG (New Modified Goods) wagons as per demand from the Transporting agency concerned. An NMG rake of 22 special coaches for automobile loading will be placed at Angamali on April 12 to load around 600 Power tillers built by KAMCO.
Transportation by Rail is safe, speedy and cheaper . The transportation will fetch revenue of nearly 18 Lakh rupees to Railways; It is for the first time that NMG rakes are being loaded from Kerala. Earlier, In its effort to find new resources for revenue, Trivandrum division has transported Wild animals to Nagaland and back in arrangement with state and central Zoo authorities.