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Prayatna Centre For Child Development Hosts Free One-Day Interactive Workshop

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May 14, 2024

Prayatna Centre For Child Development conducts a free one-day interactive workshop tailored specifically for teachers of children aged 2 to 5 years old. Scheduled for May 25th from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM, this workshop aims to provide educators with valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance their teaching skills and support the holistic development of young learners.

In anticipation of the reopening of schools, this initiative is designed to equip teachers with essential skills to effectively address the diverse needs of their students. Through engaging sessions, participants will gain insights into early identification, behavior management, and classroom management techniques crucial for fostering a conducive learning environment. The workshop will cover the following key areas: Early identification and referral procedures, Classroom behavior management strategies, Prewriting and preacademic skills development and Language milestones and language skill management in the classroom.

The workshop will have a Q&A session and a panel discussion, providing participants with opportunities for interactive learning and knowledge exchange. Attendance is limited to 30 seats, and pre-registration is required to secure a spot. For registration and further information, interested individuals can contact 9037563528 or email [email protected].