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Prefab Model of Construction is the Future of Real Estate

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November 24, 2018

American Indian Architect and Planner Prof. Christopher Benninger, said that the Prefab model of construction is the future of real estate industry in India.

Nowadays, in India, developers have started adopting this method because of the huge opportunity and advantage it provides. It improves the quality of the building and is available in a wide variety of budgets whether it’s a commercial building or affordable homes.

Speaking on the sidelines of CREDAI KERALA Statecon 2018, Benninger, who is the architecture of Kochi Refineries building, said that this technology ensures greater quality, lesser time consumption and cost effectiveness in completing a structure. Prefab construction is an eco friendly and sustainable model as it generate less amount of waste compared to traditional construction.

“High rise buildings are getting more prominence now as urban migration rate is increasing tremendously. There is no more agricultural employment left in India. As migration increases, the need for affordable homes in cities are incresing. In India, only 2 percentage of building are made under strict advices of an architect. Construction under architects make it more cost effective”, said Benninger.

Steel ceiling is a better option for office structures because of its flexibility while concrete is suitable for residential purposes. Buildings should be fire resistant. In many multi storied buildings, kitchen is build without even proper exhaustion. The ceiling might be made of explosive materials which can catch fire very easily, he added.

“We should have more green house concepts to reduce environmental pollution. These constructions are cost effective and energy efficient. Ancient temples and palaces in Kerala where built by respecting the tradition and nature. The cross ventilation ensured enough air circulation and light. A person who sits inside a temple can understand what is happening around. But in modern construction especially in IT field, the employees don’t even know whether its day or night”, said Benninger.
He also pointed out the importance of new technologies in recycling water, waste and sewage in order to reduce pollution.