Provisions for Passengers Using UTS on Mobile App

The ‘UTS on Mobile App’ is a progressive mobile application developed by the railways to help passengers avail unreserved tickets using their own mobile gadgets.
The ticket is stored in the mobile gadget. The IMEI number of mobile gadget and the mobile phone number are linked to the ‘UTS on Mobile App’. In case of defective instrument or change of instrument, there is a clear provision for the customer to contact the help desk number of ‘UTS on Mobile App’ (044-25351621) and request for allowing a change of handset. The ticket already purchased using the previous instrument will appear in the new instrument by following this procedure.
There was an instance of a passenger being fined for not being able to display a valid ticket, the ticket checking staff duly verified his claims of having taken ticket using the UTS on Mobile App. It could not be linked to the passenger as he did not travel with the same mobile phone used for taking the ticket. It is the responsibility of a passenger to ensure a valid ticket is available before boarding a train and a ticketless travel is liable to be fined, Had the passenger changed the handset using the assistance of ‘UTS on Mobile App’ helpdesk before boarding the train, this could have been avoided. After the incident was reported, railway staff contacted the passenger and the App is provided on a different handset today by 12:00 noon.
Passengers are requested to follow the procedures for changing handset to avoid any inconvenience. It is mandatory to display a valid ticket during ticket checking and if the same phone used for ticketing with UTS on Mobile App is not available, they may contact the UTS on Mobile helpdesk for assistance before commencing the journey. The UTS on Mobile App is customer friendly, reliable and it ensures hassle-free journey by avoiding valuable time spent at queues, Railways is offering a bonus of 5% to all UTS on Mobile customers at the time of recharging R wallet.


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