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Pulkit TMT Corrosion Resistant Steel in Retail Market

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April 15, 2024

“Pulkit TMT” corrosion-resistant steel (CRS) TMT bars which was exclusively used for the large constructions in the coastal areas will now be made available in the retail market of Kerala.

Garg Bharat, Director, Pulkit Group, said that Pulkit CRS (Corrosion Resistance Steel) TMT bars are highly recommended for use in coastal regions. They can be utilized in water-retaining structures, especially in coastal areas within approximately 30 kilometers from the shoreline. Rapid erosion affects various factors beyond just TMT bars in these areas. Opting for high-quality manufactured CRS TMT bars adds value to structures, not only in terms of strength and load-bearing capacity, but also in protecting the structure against corrosion and rapid erosion.

The common practice to prevent corrosion on steel involves coating, such as epoxy coating. Although epoxy coating has been a well-known practice, it faces various challenges in technical and practical parameters during real construction projects. While epoxy coating is feasible for heavy infrastructure projects, it is not viable for medium and small constructions. In contrast, CRS TMT bars are readily available in the market at retail shops, making them easily accessible to customers. Additionally, epoxy coating incurs additional costs and often operates as a monopoly in the industry. Compared to epoxy-coated bars, approximately Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10000 per metric tonne can be saved by using CRS TMT bars, he added.

Pulkit TMT is a leading brand in TMT bars among manufacturers, boasting vast experience in steel making for over four decades. With an annual turnover of Rs. 2500 crores, it operates a rigorous quality control system within the largest integrated steel plant in South India, located at Srikalahasthi, Andhra Pradesh.

Rahul Jain, Director, Marketing, said that utilizing the best quality raw materials in the steel industry, such as Iron Ore, Coal, and Dolomite, ensures the production of high-quality finished products. The selection of premium raw materials consistently delivers superior quality products. They manufacture top-quality corrosion-resistant steel (CRS) TMT bars by incorporating anti-corrosion elements such as chromium, copper, and other necessary micro-alloying elements during the liquid steel manufacturing process. The addition of these micro-alloying elements increases the Corrosion Rate Index (CRI) compared to low carbon steel, thereby extending the life of structures and reducing the rate of corrosion in steel.

Choosing TMT bars manufactured by the industry’s best ensures quality and the longevity of our buildings. Today, only integrated steel plants in the steel industry can consistently deliver high-quality products. When purchasing TMT bars for construction, always inquire about the brand’s manufacturing process and understand the significance of an integrated steel plant.