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Quest Global Launches Community Learning Centers for Tribal Communities

In Education
June 27, 2022

Contributing to a better tomorrow and giving back to communities where we live and operate has always been part of Quest Global’s DNA. As a testament to this belief, Quest Global, one of the world’s fastest-growing engineering services firms, on June 22, 2022, launched two e-learning centers for tribal communities in the state. The company will work with NGGF, to build, develop, and operate these community learning centers (CLC) at Vittikavu (Palode) and Mullamoodu (Kallar).

Quest Global is actively involved in community activities for the last several years. The organization’s CSR policy has two focus areas, education & skilling and environmental protection. Through their education and skilling initiatives, the organization focuses on how it can make a positive impact in society by providing education to underserved children in India. The aptly named CSR initiative, ‘Smile Engineering’ focuses on the betterment of the communities where we live, by investing in education for children. The launch of CLC is yet another initiative under Smile Engineering will empower children to grow as self-sufficient, independent and happy citizens.

K. Krishna Prakash, Deputy Director, Scheduled Tribes Development Department, was the chief guest at the inauguration. He commented, “As a society it is our collective responsibility to work towards the progress of underserved communities. The government appreciates Quest Global’s work in developing these two centers in our state. It is not just another CLC, it will contribute immensely in the growth of these communities by providing them quality education. We will continue to support the organization in this noble cause.”

The Vithura Grama Panchayath President, Mr. V.S. Baburaj inaugurated the project.

The centers are easily accessible for the community as they are located within the community’s settlement amidst a forest. The organization has worked on building the infrastructure for both the CLCs. Additionally, they have also equipped the centers with digital learning tools like desktops (to be added soon), internet access, smart TV, and a video calling facility for remote access. Their workforce will participate actively to manage and teach at both the CLCs. Quest Global is in this for a long haul. It is the organization’s way of creating an imprint that lasts for generations to come. In addition to providing education to the children of the community, the CLCs will also be functional for other community building activities like education for women, day care for children, after school services and others.

At Quest Global, we are in the business of engineering, but what we are really building is a brighter future. It is not just what we do, but why we do it that makes us different. “We have pursued the idea for a long time, and it gives us great pleasure to not only contribute to the communities here – but also be a part of their educational journey. I feel proud that through our work, we live out our calling as problem solvers, caregivers, and achievers with the unique ability to make the impossible possible.” added, Sanju Gopal, AVP and Head of Product Engineering, Quest Global.

Quest Global’s commitment to the community has never been more evident. The company brings together individuals and stakeholders to recognize issues, solve problems, and make great things happen. With this initiative, the organization believes a blueprint for change has been laid, which will continue to move, transform and inspire.