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Rare alife-threatening Brain Tumour Removed after a 6-hour-long Surgery

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April 03, 2023

A 53-year-old man from Thiruvananthapuram got a new lease of life after removing a rare kind of vascular tumour from his brain through a 6-hour long surgery. He was admitted to the hospital due to a severe headache that lasted for more than one week.

Doctors said that the CT and MRI revealed a hypervascular intraventricular space lesion in the brain and an unwanted blood supply to the affected which can cause severe bleeding during the surgery. Taking into account the large size of the tumour, the medical team at KIMSHEALTH concluded removing it through surgery.

Immediately, the feeding vessels were selectively embolised and the tumour was removed safely without any loss of blood. The embolisation procedure includes disrupting the blood flow to the specific blood vessel by injecting glue-like material within the tumour. Dr. Santhosh Joseph, Senior Consultant, Department of Neuro Interventional Radiology who led the procedure said that it would have cost four to five units of blood if the tumour was not embolised, putting the patient’s life at risk. Dr. Manish Kumar Yadav, Consultant, Department of Neuro Interventional Radiology Imaging & Dr. Shalini Varma, Interventional Radiology were also part of the procedure.

During the surgery, the doctors were surprised to discover a large mass full of blood vessels inside the ventricles of the brain. However, the entire mass was removed without any major blood loss. Dr. Ajith R, Senior Consultant, Department of Neurosurgery who led the surgery part added that embolisation was a crucial element in restricting the unwanted blood supply. Dr. Abu Madan, Dr. Navas N.S, Dr. Bobby Iype, Neurosurgery Consultants, and Dr. Susanth B, Neuro Anesthetist were also part of the complex surgical procedures.