RJD Protests Against Targeting Muslims by Rajasthan BJP MLA

Rashtriya Janatha Dal (RJD) Kerala State unit has registered their protest against the remarks by Rajasthan BJP MLA, Banwari Lal Singhal, that Muslims were bearing more children with an aim to outnumber Hindus and to take control of the country by 2030.
RJD Kerala State president Anu Chacko said that the BJP should apologise for the statements made against the Muslim community. She said that this is a democratic country and everyone have the right to decide on giving birth to children.
The ruling MLA from Rajasthan said that “Muslims were giving birth to 12-14 children….while Hindus restrict the number to one or two. The way the Muslim population is increasing, the existence of Hindus is in danger. It is a well-planned conspiracy to have a Muslim in the chair of president, prime minister and chief ministers,”.



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