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RPG Group’s “Hues of Happiness” Art Collection Video

In Arts
August 02, 2023

RPG Group, a leading Indian conglomerate, launched the ‘Hues of Happiness’ Art Collection, an artistic initiative that promotes employees’ emotional well- being through Art display at its offices. This initiative, supported by the RPG Art Foundation, promotes accessible Indian art while building a happy work culture that fosters creativity and happiness among RPG Group employees. The one-of-a-kind curation celebrates and fosters emotional well-being through the abilities of extraordinary artists through an engaging video displayed on all its external channels.

The ‘Hues of Happiness’ collection embodies the incredible connection between art and happiness reflecting RPG Group’s pride in fostering a workplace that nurtures joy and creativity among its employees. With the unwavering support of the RPG Art Foundation, the group endeavours to spread happiness to all stakeholders through this captivating initiative.

A recent study by McKinsey Health Institute revealed a concerning 70% global employee burnout rate, emphasizing the urgency to prioritize well-being. Addressing this issue, RPG Group’s ‘Hues of Happiness’ art collection stands aligned with their promise, “Hello Happiness,” spreading joy to all stakeholders.

RPG Group’s recent research on Generation Z underscores its emphasis on empowerment and holistic well-being. According to the report, Gen Z employees find solace in therapeutic art forms like painting and drawing. Demonstrating their commitment to employee mental well-being, RPG Group offers free access to mental health practitioners through a partnership with Juno Clinic. Additionally, the Group’s LGBTQIA+ and Partners Benefits Policy exemplifies inclusivity, fostering equal opportunities and a safe workplace while nurturing a harmonious and resilient workforce.

With ‘Hues of Happiness’, RPG Group reinforces its dedication to promoting emotional well- being and creativity, striving to make the world happier, one brushstroke at a time.