Sabarimala Temple Priest Doesn’t Want Devotees to Turn Up

With the custodian of the famed Sabarimala temple- Travancore Devasom Board (TDB) making all arrangements for opening the temple for its monthly rituals starting June 14 at 5 pm and to close on June 19 at 10 pm, the temple priest on Wednesday wrote to TDB not to open it for devotees.

The ”tantri” who is the final word on all tantric and ritualistic procedures said that in Covid times, it would not be wise to open the temple for devotees, in his letter to the TDB. The ”tantri” K.M. Mohanaru pointed out that when the temple opens to devotees, there is a danger due to Covid-19 and things could turn for the worse if any devotee comes and later turns positive.

His letter came at a time when the temple was all set to commence its virtual queue bookings for the period that the temple had planned to open from June 14.

State BJP president K. Surendran said that since the ”tantri” has expressed his deep concern, the TDB and the state government should not take an adamant stand.

“Opening temples is not like opening of liquor vends, so the concerned authorities and the state government should take a considered opinion on the larger impact as Covid-19 is spreading,” said Surendran.


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