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Season Two Living Provides Maximum Protection for Senior Citizens

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June 30, 2021

Season Two Living, through its continued efforts towards efficiency & service, emerges a clear visionary within the eldercare space during the course of this ongoing pandemic.

With a promise of ‘un-retirement living’, Season Two Living is a senior care facility that believes in creating inclusive community-centric housing spaces that cater to the specific concerns of elderly citizens. Through the past year, the establishment has taken painstaking efforts in ensuring that their residents receive all the assistance they may need in the safest possible form; be it, home-nursing staff, for their health concerns, facilitating safe interactions with their loved ones outside of the community or 24/7 general assistance catering to their daily needs.

“The community we cater to is most vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic and we have made sure to have their interests be our priority every step of the way. Our housing facilities have been carefully maintained in a bio-bubble-like manner through these times to ensure maximal protection” says Anjali Nair, COO of the parent organization, SP Lifecare.

With the betterment of healthcare facilities across the globe, there has been a significant shift in life expectancy leading to the rise of the global elderly population. The United Nations have reported that by the year 2050, 1 in 6 people will be above the age of 65, and India, specifically, will see a hike of 20% in its senior population. The increase of nuclear family setups and emigration of youth to foreign nations, however, will mean that this elder-folk are left without caregivers. Coupled with the undue pressures that life in a pandemic puts on this age group, like the struggle for basic amenities or managing without house helps or even the mental stress & anxiety of survival, the relevance of having well-functioning machinery of senior care service establishments is now beyond question. Despite the growing need, the topic of senior care facilities, littered with false notions, remains a huge taboo within the country and will need a lot of working towards.

Equipped with top-of-the-line facilities that are customized for senior living and the best in healthcare, Season Two Living has been on a mission to transform eldercare & retirement living and promises to make accessible life of comfort & dignity to the senior community. Speaking of their plans for the future Anjali adds that while Kerala & Bangalore are their prime focus, for now, they do have plans to expand their facilities to all major metropolitan cities of the country and successfully impact at least 10,000 lives within the next decade or less.