Self Treatment Study Camp by Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery from April 23 to 29

The self treatment study camp being organised by Nature Life International and led by Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery will be held at Kochi, Town Hall, from April 23 to 29.
The camp will discuss about naturopathy study through modern treatment books, how to prevent diseases and healthy living without diseases. There will also be study and training programmes which are being carried out at various countries.
Classes will also be led by Dr M C Soumya, Dr Mary Shine, Dr M C Sandhya, Khadeeja Narghese and other experts in this field.
According to Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery, the human body is formed by several cells. Diseases could be prevented if all the cells function effectively.
For the smooth functioning of the cells, there should good air, water and food. This cannot be achieved through medicines and insulin. Those who take medicines for disease invites more diseases. One should identify the disease and try to find a solution for it, he said.
Vadakkanchery who treated many patients through food and created awareness on how to live without diseases have also made them good naturopathy doctors. The self treatment courses which are being followed in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam will be held here in Kochi.
Those who are interested to participate can register for the course. Course fee is Rs 7,000. Registrations can be made at Phone nos: 94960 44525, 94960 44518.


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