Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017 – Breaking Boundaries with Nature’s Vivid Imagery, Dance and Cinematography

Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017 continued to captivate audiences with bigger and better performances and theatre with a perfect blend of musical extravaganza on Day 2. The festival showcased some show stoppers and more with cinematography, choreographed dance drama and vivid imagery filled with the earth’s most protected wildlife and nature’s magnificent creatures.
As Goa welcomes the festival’s guests and the tourist season picks up in full swing, Panjim witness an influx of art, music and craft connoisseurs making their way into the city to immerse themselves in a world of culinary cultural art forms. Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Ayog visited Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017. On visiting Serendipity Arts Festival,  Amitabh Kant said, CEO, Niti Ayog said, “Serendipity Arts Festival is a pretty experiential festival. It’s truly incredible because of the extent of India’s craftsman-ship. It’s so detailed- its beauty, its colour, its vibrancy, its energy is all displayed in one space. It’s simply phenomenal.”
The Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017 powered by TCS also has state of the art installations dotted across venues in the city, giving it a vibrant and colorful feel. Day 2 brought an exciting line-up of artists; the highlights of the day were quite enthralling for those who witnesses India’s revered film director, artists, photographers of the likes of:
Monsoon Wedding – American born Film Maker – Director, Mira Niar, needs no introduction, her repertoire and flair has taken audiences on a journey to the ends of the earth’s most vivid and riveting stories ever to be captured on silver-screen. Serendipity Arts Festival – Goa 2017 witnessed the best in class entertain for the first time, ever at Art Spectrum Awards South Asia (ASASA).
Young Subcontinent —presented by Riyas Komu, a celebrated artist presents a compilation of young commissioned artists who attempt to remediate the scattered political boundaries; it will showcase sculptures, installations, and paintings that extend patronage to cultural activists and artists.
Dark Borders – curated by Neelam Mansingh Chowdhury, one of India’s known theatre connoisseurs transforms theatre by presenting Manto’s stories based on forms and dimensions of violence. This is a form of free flowing embodied texts based on translation of Saadat Hasan Manto. It depicts the atrocities brought upon women from the days of the great migration and the losses they suffered; displays and highlights the lives of forgotten people living on the fringe of society.
Untamed Nature –curated by the renowned and distinguished photographer Dinesh Khanna brings alive the delicate and fierce facets of nature’s most exquisite creatures on earth. A stunning collection of series of photographs captured by Anup Shah. The intimate approach of the still shots that are up-close and personal, are a true depiction of wildlife’s vast expanse of ethereal beauty and enchanting mystery.
Explorations with Shadow and Light –curated by Ranjit Barot, a celebrated and illustrious musician who has shared the stage with known names and newcomers brings an unmatched musical saga in electronica, jazz and blues tempered with Hindustani Classical tempo and beats. This contemporary classical music compilation serenades audiences with original songs by the band Shadow and Light in collaboration with a line-up of truly exceptional artists.
With such enthralling and captivating performances lined up by the Serendipity Arts Trust founder Mr. Sunil Munjal and his team of experts; he has personally put in millions of man-hours curating this festival to cogitate the discerning viewer about the performing arts sections of India’s vast and diverse art forms, music, photography, dance, drama, and folk art. This is the perfect setting for the second edition to become a name recognized as a platform for artists from India and around the world to come and share their love for art.


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