Singapore Firm Unveils Swapp App in Kerala

Swapp, an easy-to- use mobile application that helps customers to interact with multiple enterprises that are part of their daily life, has chosen Kochi, in Kerala, for its soft launch. Unveiled by Singapore-based AB Initiatives Pvt Ltd,
which has aspirations in the fields of software technology, pan-Asia hospitality and travel, Swapp cateam-photon be used for restaurants, grocery stores, churches, schools, tuition centres, dry cleaners and any business that a customer would come in contact with on a daily basis.
‘Designed in Singapore, Swapp was soft launched in Kerala because we believe this market represents an emerging tech savvy community who is digitising their lives very fast,’ according to Ashwin Panicker, CEO of Swapp.
Explaining the rationale behind Swapp, Panicker said, in a world that has turned digital, end users have to download and use different applications every time. There are lot of players in the market who aggregate small businesses and list them. End users are presented with a variety of options every time. There are no platforms that help users stay in control on what they need.
With Swapp, end users can connect directly to those organisations, merchants or enterprises that are relevant to his/her day to day life. “Be it the nearby supermarket from where one orders groceries, neighbourhood restaurant from where one buys dinner, the regular drycleaner from where one gets their clothes laundered or church where one attends – end user has the control on with whom he would like to interact,” the Swapp CEO added.
Further, Swapp can also come across as a powerful net
working platform. Users will be able to exchange their name cards with people around them. Contact information stored in Swapp is synced with every person/organisation that the user has connected with. This way, one will never lose connection of a contact. Swapp has been launched amongst popular restaurants in and around Kochi.
Swapp shall soon be available for social communities, salons, clubs, drycleaners, laundry services, retailers and more. Swapp is currently available for download on GooglePlay
and iTunes


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