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Son Pays Rs 1 cr to Contract Killers to get Father Killed

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February 28, 2023

Karnataka Police on Tuesday, February 28, said that it has cracked the murder case of a 71-year-old man in Bengaluru and arrested his son and two contract killers in connection with the crime. Investigations have revealed that the victim’s son, Manikantha (30), had hired the contract killers by paying them a sum of Rs 1 crore. The two other accused were identified as T Adarsha (26) and Shivakumar (24).

The victim, Narayanaswamy, was hacked to death on February 13 in the parking lot of his apartment. The police said that they also suspect the role of other persons in the case and will arrest them soon. According to the police, the victim favoured Manikantha’s second wife and decided to register his property in her name. Feeling dejected by this, he then decided to kill his father.

In 2013, Manikantha was jailed for allegedly killing his first wife. He was again imprisoned for a second time for trying to kill his second wife. He met the contract killers while he was in prison for the second time and had promised them of Rs 1 crore and an apartment each for killing his father. Manikantha also paid Rs 1 lakh in advance, the police said.

Narayanaswamy owned an apartment complex which had 28 flats, as well as acres of land in Bengaluru. He had decided to register one of the flats, 1.7 acre of land, and Rs 15 lakh in cash in the name of Manikantha’s second wife’s name. The Marathahalli police are investigating the case.