Spaces – Home & Beyond Launches its Autumn-Winter 2016 Collection

SPACES Home & Beyond – the Home Textile fashion brand by Welspun Group, has unveiled its latest Autumn-Winter collection. This season’s collections are based on a unique and fascinating design grammar. The brands launch has a comprehensive range aptly positioned as ‘Colors effect – a seamless blend of vibrant tints and textured prints’.welspun-aw-16-boho-chic
What makes the Autumn Winter collection remarkable is digital printing that printing provides an option to print photographic/continuous tone images and spot color pattern designs. A vast amount of subtle effects and detail can be achieved through digital textile printing and that’s what makes this collection a must-have this season!
This collection enables you to design a new look using vibrant colors and varied color palette that is all about your personal style. This collection has its different categories which are Boho Chic, Youthopia Denim and Epica Last season we had 100 shades and more on display. This season, the range has been heightened by overlaying these hues on interesting textual prints. This provides a differentiated optics and creates a multi- layered design illusion.
This seasons Boho Chic collection signifies a vibrant, vivid and vivacious lifestyle – the Bohemian life. Bohemian style typically evokes a picture of travelers, hippies, artists, gypsies. The collection is a combination of water colour and ink treatment along with a new approach to contemporary chic. Additionally, the range comes up with abstract, scenic and geometric variations. Bohemian style works no matter the palette. Instead bohemian style comes from the mixing, matching, pairing and combining of different textures and ideas.
The Youthopia Denim Collection is a timeless material, on behalf of everything that the youth stands for. Patch it up is the theme for the new season’s collection. The collection sees attractive and peculiar patchwork inspired by denim elements with resist effect and textures through printing on Percale and Dobby weaving, all designed for the youth of today! The cool, casual and comfort collection showcases an individual’s relationship with denim 24×7 that defines the real you and welcomes you at home. Youthopia is detailed right down to stitch lines, textures, labels and shacks. These are matched with graphical pillows. If you love the casual feel of your favorite blue jeans, then you’ll love this pattern.
An array of fresh colour flows while we focus on the Epica Collection. The X-rayed elegance of Epica comes with elegant detailing showcasing some beautiful patterns of flowers
. The collection features flowers in an absolutely gorgeous way. This set has a pretty look that is impressive. The blend of colours to form the floral patterns on this set, are a work of art. The classy floral, Persian and abstract motifs are the most important highlights of this collection along with higher thread count. Just like Boho Chic, Epica is embellished through digital printing too.
The Autumn-Winter 2016 collection also includes categories such as Intensity, HygroCotton® & Courtyard


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