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State-Run Arts & Science Colleges to Get Napkin Vending Machines

In Health
May 25, 2023

After schools, now, the government Arts and Science colleges across Tamil Nadu will have sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators.

A senior official from the Higher Education Department told DT Next that the State government is paying special attention to menstrual hygiene as a health concern.
“At present, 7 government-run women’s colleges have just 1 napkin vending machine each. Following several requests, it has been decided to install in all 168 both female and co-education colleges across all the districts,” he added.

Limited access to safe sanitary products and facilities especially in the rural areas is believed to be one of the reasons for poor college attendance and ill-health.“That’s why installing these machines is essential in every college,” opined the official. The machines are purchased at an estimated cost of Rs 1.26 crore and the incinerator would cost around Rs 1.69 crore.

“Funds would be generated through the company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),” he stated. “Both the vending machines and incinerators would be installed in colleges depending on the requirement and taking into consideration the strength of women students and staff in each institution.”

Additionally, cupboards to store toiletries including unused napkins will also be installed. “Support staff in the colleges will maintain the vending machines and ensure availability of napkins throughout the academic year,” he averred.

Stating that a tender will be floated for the purchase of both the napkin vending machine and the incinerators, the official pointed out, “Installation of equipment will be completed before the start of new academic year.”