Sula Selections ‘Globe in a Glass’ Roadshow Returns in its 2nd Edition

For connoisseurs of wine, spirits, explorers of the fine things in life and for the lovers of all things worth savoring – it’s time to come together at one extraordinary event! Sula Selections ‘Globe in a Glass’ Roadshow 2017 returns in an even grander format with as many as 8 new wines and spirit brands debuting at the roadshow.
Sula Vineyards is not just the leading wine producer and exporter of wine in India but also one of the fastest growing wine and spirits importer. Its import arm, Sula Selections comprises of an extensive list of world renowned wine and spirits brands from across the globe.
With the aim to provide consumers with a global experience like never before, Sula is all set to commence its three-city roadshow in Goa, Pune and Mumbai. The event will showcase some of the finest wines and spirits from around the world. From Dindori to Tuscany, Chianti to Mendoza, Cognac to Barbados – you’ll taste them all!
This year, the wine and spirits extravaganza will be open to consumers for the first time. Nick Pringle, COO, Sula said, “Our Sula Selections ‘Globe in a Glass’ Roadshow 2017 presents a great opportunity for our international partners to showcase their exciting range to the drinks trade industry and consumers. In addition to this, there is of course plenty of scope to be delighted with our very own Sula Vineyards premium wines & spirits range”.
The three-city tour will kick-start with Goa on November 11th, moving on to Pune on the 13th and the grand finale will take place in Mumbai on the 15th. The event is sure to leave the audience with an aftertaste of memories that will linger for long.
The brands include some of the highest quality wines & spirits that Sula Selections imports, like new world wines – Trapiche (Argentina), Hardys (Australia), Mud House (New Zealand), Kumala (South Africa) and Cono Sur (Chile). The old world wines comprising of Bouchard Aines & Fils (France), Le Grand Noir (France), Castillo De Monseran (Spain), Bolla and Conti Serristori from the house of Gruppo Italiano Vini (Italy), Cap Royal from the house of Compagnie Médocaine des Grands Crus (Bordeaux, France). The beer range will be led by Japan’s no 1 and international favorite – Asahi. The Cognac range will be represented by Remy Martin (France) whereas liqueur range includes Cointreau from France, Antica Sambuca and Volare from the house of Rossi d’Asiago (Italy). This year Vodka lovers will also have something extraordinary to look forward to – one of the world’s most premium vodka – Beluga from Russia is making its debut at the roadshow!
Sula Vineyards award winning wines including the new vintage of the Sula Riesling, Rasa Shiraz and the all-time favorite Brut Tropicale will be up for tasting too. Sula’s Head Winemaker Karan Vasani with his team of winemakers will give an insight to the Sula range. Spirit brands from Sula’s subsidiary – Artisan Spirits will be showcased too. The audience can look forward to learning more about J, Janus and the newly launched Eclipse from Yogesh Mathur – the master blender himself!
That’s not all. Sula is giving consumers a unique opportunity to meet and greet with the winemaker, master blenders, brand ambassadors, producers and other industry stalwarts all under one roof! Distinguished names from the industry – Rajeev Samant, Nick Pringle and Cecilia Oldne from the Sula family, Olivier Medigue of Bouchard Aîné & Fils, Georges Haushalter of Compagnie Médocaine des Grands Crus, Maurizio Bertacchini of Gruppo Italiano Vini, Ann-Marie Battista of Accolade Wines, Robert Joseph of R Wines, Prarrthona Pal Chowdhary of Remy Cointreau and Maxime Pulci of Louis XII, Bruno Vanzan of Rossi d’Asiago, and Matias Amstutz of Trapiche will all be present at the event.
Tickets selling fast on – priced at INR 2,000.


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