Survey Identifies your Personality Basis your Relationship with your Fridge

More than a quarter (26 per cent) of Indian millennials between the age group of 17 – 30 confess to regularly raiding the fridge to satiate their midnight hunger pangs.
This, along with several other revelations,was thrown up by a light- hearted survey conducted by Godrej Appliances on‘Indian Refrigerator Behavior’. Kamal Nandi, Business Head and EVP, Godrej Appliances, said, “The Indian consumers are evolving in sync with their consumption habits. This survey has thrown various interesting insights about how Indians across age groups are approaching their refrigerators and what they expect. The fridge contents appear to be close to the heart of many Indians. While many millennials fell under the ‘Fridge Raider’ category, reflecting their indulgent and impulsive attitudes, respondents between the ages of 30 – 40 years largely fell in the ‘Fridge Spartan’ category, reflecting their minimalistic sides.
In addition, the findings revealed other interesting relationships and attitudes related to this most omnipresent household appliance.”
Renowned Dietician, Indrayani Pawar of Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, while explaining young Fridge Raiders says, “Rightly described as passionate and impulsive, raiders are passionate about food as well, a common trait amongst today’s millennials.
Hunger isn’t really an impulse for them. They always have an urge and a craving to eat something interesting. Hence, their fridge is their companion, storing all their secret food items, right from chocolates, pastries, nuts, ready to drink fruit juices, flavored yoghurts, variety of cheese and ice creams (for late night snacks).”
The ‘Fridge Obsessives’are those who keep their refrigerators neat, orderly, organised and constantly refreshed. About 60 per cent of the respondents in the 30 – 40 years and 40 – 60 years age groups remember every item stocked in their fridge. Around 35 per
cent of them further would feel restless if they didn’t change the contents of their refrigerators every day.
The survey also revealed the Indian ‘hedonistic’ streak when it comes to the contents of the fridge with 37% of the respondents falling under the category. ‘Fridge Hedonists’ are generally the one who do not need much excuse for a party, and the fridge is permanently stocked for the eventuality. Beer proved to be the most popular item among the 17-30-yearolds while a quarter of those in the 60 yearsandolder age group showed a preference for wine.Ice-cream was a common choice across all age groups while those in 30 – 40 years age group preferred sweets the most.
As you have the ‘Fridge Obsessives’ on the one hand, you’ve also got the ‘Fridge Negligents’. Unsurprisingly, half those in the younger age groups (17-30 years) said they didn’t wipe their food items clean before storing them.
Meanwhile, those in the 30-40 years age group mainly fell into the ‘Fridge Spartan’ category. These are people with minimalist tendencies, not keen on excess, whose refrigerators are only stocked with the bare minimum essentials. They don’t store food in their fridge for longer than a day and always empty their fridge before leaving for a holiday.
Dr. Anil Ballani, Consultant Physician and Cardiologist, Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, says, “This age group showcases maturity. They are usually good planners and take calculative decisions. “
Following is a selection of the ‘fridge personalities’ identified in the research. Can you identify which ones most closely match you and your family?
1. Fridge Negligent – My fridge is just a piece of ‘kitchen furniture’ after all! If I really want fresh food ‘a la carte’ I’ll probably just dial it up; life is too short for ‘fridge diligence’ I have so many other things to worry about.
2. Fridge Spartan – You are a ‘minimalist’ in everything; from interior design to home nutrition; everything has its place, nothing to excess. For others it may be ‘bare minimum’; but being simply ‘adequate’ is an art in itself!
3. Fridge Raider – You are a person of passion and impulse; and your fridge is a perfect reflection of this combination! It’s only with your fridge that you share a special complicity, whether for comfort or pure indulgence, whether it’s a ‘pre-lunch pit-stop’ or a ‘3am pick-up’.
4. Ice-box Hedonist – As your friends and neighbors would attest, you never need much excuse for a party, and the fridge is permanently stocked for the eventuality. Whether it’s a cricket match victory or end of exams, people know whose doorbell to ring when it’s time to celebrate, and your fridge is permanently prepared!
5. Fridge Obsessive – Your fridge is not merely a kitchen accessory, it is an extension of your character; neat, ordered, and constantly refreshed – just like you! People say you can learn a lot about a person’s character and priorities from their fridge; if this is the case, you’d make the ideal flat mate.


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