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Swiss Rider Receives Lifesaving Treatment at God’s Own Country

In Health
May 23, 2023

In a remarkable display of clinical excellence, Aster Medcity recently saved the life of a foreign rider tourist who was involved in a fatal accident. The incident occurred when the rider, Hans Rudolf from Switzerland who was on a tour of Kerala, skid from his bike and fell down.

Hans Rudolf arrived in Kerala a month ago to set out on a biking expedition to take in the sights of the state. During his ride, he met with a deathly accident, leaving him with multiple broken ribs and contusions in the lungs. Hans was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, but his physical state worsened, owing to the splinting caused by rib fractures and ensuing pneumonia. His oxygen saturation levels dropped, demanding immediate ventilatory support. With no bystanders or friends, the staff from the homestay came to Hans’ aid and decided to shift him to Aster Medcity to provide the best possible care.

Hans was admitted to the department of cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, under Dr. Manoj P Nair, Senior Consultant Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery. The other experts in the team includes Dr. George Varghese Kurien, Consultant, Dr. Sabin Sam, Senior Specialist and Dr. Jishnu Palliyani, Senior Specialist. He has also received expert intensive care support by Dr. Suresh G Nair, Senior Consultant – Anaesthesiology & Critical Care, Dr. Joel Devassia Vazhakkat, Consultant – Anesthesiology, Critical Care & Pain Management. His CT scans confirmed fractures in the ribs, and contusions to the lungs resulted in secondary pneumonia too.

The team at Aster Medcity was in a difficult position to take decisions as Hans did not have any relatives to sign their consent to procedures. But with a man’s life on the line and no time to waste, the hospital immediately contacted the Swiss Embassy, and was provided full autonomy to do what was needed to save his life. The homestay staff signed consent papers and Hans was taken into surgery right away.

“We have initiated him to advanced trauma care fracture rib fixation using Matrix Bions Depuy Advanced Rib Fixation Technique, in which Aster is the highest volume centre in Kerala. This was a game changer in the recovery,” said Dr. Manoj P Nair, Senior Consultant – Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery. “Here, timely intervention and application of advanced rib fixation techniques for flail chest and multiple rib fractures saved him. It has paved the way for improved respiratory mechanics and accelerated early recovery after trauma and prevention of his secondary pneumonia,” added Dr. George Varghese Kurien, Consultant, Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery.

“The incident serves as a testament to the excellence of Aster Medcity’s medical services and the commitment of its staff to providing the best possible care to their patients. The hospital’s expertise in critical care and surgical procedure was instrumental in saving the life of the foreign bike rider, highlighting the importance of investing in high-quality healthcare facilities and services,” said Farhaan Yasin, Vice President, Aster India.

After regaining his senses, Hans was taken off of the ventilator within days and he returned to his country.

In today’s times when people often look the other way when someone needs help, the efforts by the homestay staff and Aster Medcity reassures our faith in humanity. Hans was indeed in the hands of God’s Own Country, and the team of doctors and homestay staff proved our worthiness of the title beyond doubt.