CNN CEO Confirms Layoffs Amid Economic Uncertainty

NEW YORK:Media giant CNN has finally informed employees about layoffs, and the company started notify.

International Students Asked to Leave US if Universities Start Online Classes

NEW YORK: International students in the US are in for a shock as the Immigration.

Trump Knows About Kim Jong-un, But ”Ccan”t Talk About It”

WASHINGTON/SEOUL: US President Donald Trump said that he knew how North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Artificial Intelligence Can Better Detect Skin Cancer than Dermatologists

BERLIN: An artificial intelligence system can better detect skin cancer than experienced dermatologists, a study.

Trump Reveals ‘Fake News’ Award Winners

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has declared ‘The New York Times’ as the winner of.

Trump Meets TV Executives, Journos, Calls them Deceitful Liars

WASHINGTON: US President-elect Donald Trump has lashed out at top electronic media executives and journalists,.