Chinese Alzheimer”s Drug to Undergo Global Clinical Trials

BEIJING: An innovative Chinese Alzheimer”s drug extracted from brown algae is set to go through.

Impaired Liver Function in Pregnancy ups Obesity Risk in Kids

LONDON: Impaired liver function during pregnancy may alter gut bacteria composition and increase the risk.

Skin Exposure to UVB Light Alters Gut Bacteria for Good

TORONTO: Skin exposure to ultra-violet B (UVB) radiation from the Sun can alter the gut.

Oil of Oregano Kills Pathogens Safely and Effectively

Oregano has an uncanny ability to salvage even the dullest-tasting pasta sauces, but did you.

A Low-fiber Diet Can Decrease Healthy Gut Bacteria by 60%

There are at least 1,000 different kinds of bacteria and 40 million microbial cells found.

Researchers Find Gut Microbiome can Control Antitumor Immune Function in Liver

Scientists have found a connection between bacteria in the gut and antitumor immune responses in.