Lockdown Flags Rise in Mental Health Issues Among Families

LUCKNOW: With the lockdown set to complete two months, its impact is now being seen.

Excise Dept Steps in to Help those Having Withdrawal Symptoms

  THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: De-addiction and counselling centres under the State Excise Department will be offering free.

Jackfruit Flour: Managing Diabetes the Natural Way

KOCHI: Johnson has been suffering from diabetes and its related issues since few years. One.

Growth of Ayurveda Tourism

Global wellness tourism is a $640 billion industry that is expected to grow at an.

Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital Celebrates Womanhood with ‘#BeAStrongSthree’ Campaign

KOCHI: Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital, the new age Ayurveda hospital combining the best of Ayurveda practices.

Keto Cycling Diet is the New Go-to Weight Loss Trick

Keto diet has seen sudden popularity because of its dramatic results. Almost everyone who’s looking.