Kerala Looks Ahead Conclave Emphasises that the State has Built the Capacity

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:The galaxy of thinkers — Nobel Prize-winners, leading industrialists, scientists, and other experts — who.

International Partnership in Higher Education will help Kerala: Experts

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:International collaboration in higher education will help greater interaction between scholars and a better understanding.

‘Kerala Looks Ahead’ Concludes; Amartya for Sustained Focus on Labour

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:A milestone global conclave to chart Kerala’s future in a post-Covid scenario concluded today with.

Kochi has Very High Levels of Service Delivery and Associational Life: Prof Heller

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:A survey of 15 Indian cities, conducted by a prominent group of academicians from USA,.

Investment in Human Development Serves as Springboard for Kerala to look Ahead: Prof Amartya Sen

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:The investments made in public education and healthcare that helped Kerala emerge as a strong.

Business Tycoons Pledge Support to Kerala to Build a Modern Economy

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:Captains of Indian industry, including Ratan Tata and Anand Mahindra, today pledged their support and.

Come and Invest in Kerala, Chief Minister tells Industry Leaders

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:Asserting that Kerala is resolved to build a strong and diversified manufacturing sector, Chief Minister.

Sturdy Social Welfare Systems Can Check Bad Effects of Covid in Labour: KLA

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:Covid-19 has aggravated the lingering challenges in the labour sector and exposed the fault-lines along.

Experts Unveil Steps to Raise fish Output, Provide Food Security

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:Kerala’s Fisheries Minister J Mercikutty Amma and experts today spelt out a series of reform.

KLA: Kerala Should Ramp up its Commitment to Responsible Tourism: Suman Billa

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:Suman Billa, Director, Technical Cooperation and Silk Road, UNWTO, said Kerala should ramp up its.