Diet and Exercise Program as Part of Women’s Day

KOCHI:As part of Women’s day, Kochi based NuvoVivo presents free telephonic consultation and 2-weeks custom.

Lockdown: 65% Children Became Device Addictive, Reveals Study

JAIPUR: Around 65% children have become device addictive in recent months and are unable to.

Red Wine Improves Gut Health

LONDON: Researchers have found that people who drink red wine have an increased gut microbiota.

Gene Linked to Obesity in Children Identified

NEW YORK: Researchers have identified a common gene variant that increases the risk of obesity.

Eating Comfort Food in Stress will Add Extra Kilos

SYDNEY: Eating too much high-calorie food is anyway bad for health but under stress, sugary.

Obesity, Alcohol May up Breast Cancer Risk: Study

SYDNEY: Drinking one alcoholic drink daily as well as being overweight can increase the risk.

Metabolic Changes From Antipsychotic Medications in Youth

A new study has shown that short-term treatment of children with antipsychotic medications can increase.

Why Women Gain Weight After Pregnancy Decoded

WASHINGTON: Ladies, take note! A steady weight gain even after pregnancy may be a result.

Salt, Sugar and Stress: The 3 Sins

Do you often give in to the temptations of your taste buds? Indulging in that.