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Technopark Premier League 2022

In Sports
April 20, 2023

In the thrilling Technopark Premier League 2022 final, H & R Block became champions after beating Allianz Whites. Consisting of 15 teams in the men’s tournament and 20 teams in the women’s tournament, 172 teams participated in the tournament which lasted for four months. In the match that lasted until the final over, H&R Block won by seven runs.

Batting first, H & R Block scored 50 runs and was all out in 10 overs. In the second innings, Allianz White was bowled out for 43 runs in 7.4 overs. Technopark CEO Colonel Sanjeev Nair (retd), distributed the prizes to the winners of the tournament. World Amateur Boxing Championship 2006 gold medalist K.C. Lekha and Quest Global Asia and Europe Facilities Head Sajid Hussain participated as well.

G.R. Sivakumar (H & R Block Blue) was the player of the tournament, Shanu S. Kumar (H & R Block Blue) was the best batter, Jithin R (Allianz Whites) was the best bowler, and Sreejith S.M (H&R Block Blue) was the player of the final.

In the Technopark women’s cricket league final, U.S.T G.C.C became the champions. U.S.T G.C.C (56 runs in seven overs with a loss of four wickets) defeated Infosys (52 runs in seven overs with a loss of four wickets) in the final.

R.S. Smitha (Infosys) was the best batter, Akshata Urane (U.S.T G.C.C) was the best bowler, Arya Sarang (U.S.T G.C.C) was the player of the final, and Amalumol (Infosys) was selected as the player of the tournament.