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TEDx Thiruvananthapuram Showcases 10 Eminent Speakers at UST Global Event

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January 28, 2019

The third edition of TEDxThiruvananthapuram, taking after its parent organisation’s slogan – “Ideas Worth Spreading”, was held at the UST Global Campus, on the 20th of January, and showcased 10 eminent speakers from different walks of life. UST Global was the presenting partner of TEDxThiruvananthapuram this year.

The 10 diverse speakers ranged from Mathematicians to Activists and from Educators to Entrepreneurs. Sally Varma, a philotherian and activist spoke about the dire situation of stray animals, how and why we should treat them with more compassion. Aparna Gopan, a social activist vehemently drew attention to the need for sex education in India and addressed other taboos that require eradication in the 21st century.

Aharsh MS, Co-founder of Accubits Technologies and an AI and blockchain enthusiast, talked about the metamorphosis of human mind, and a future where blockchain is prevalent. R Sreelekha IPS, DGP (Prisons) regaled the audience with her tales of incarcerated people and how systematic reform and resilience turned their lives around.

Dr. George Gheverghese Joseph, a renowned international mathematician, delved into the history of mathematics and how Kerala played and still plays a huge role in it. Child-rights’ activist Anson P D Alexander delivered the powerful message that the power lies in us, despite the challenges we see in the society.

Archana Gopinath, Founder, Reading Room, identified the requirement for social discourse and described how she does that through her Facebook page – Where in Trivandrum (WIT) – a community of authentic people trying to build a support system for anyone new to the city. Prasanth Gangadharan, an alternative educator, displayed the power of storytelling and learning alternatives and expressed the need to change the story, choose a better story, and to write your own story as per the situation.
The translational civil engineering and entrepreneur Nanma Girish threw light upon amphibious housing projects and how they could be employed in flood prone areas.

Climate change is becoming exponentially drastic and would end in a debacle if not for solid intervention as conveyed by District Collector Dr. K Vasuki IAS, who also urged the youth to take part in the ‘C5-change can change climate change’ campaign.
The event witnessed 300 national and international participants ranging from students to professionals and entrepreneurs.