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The Brighter Side Collection: Watercolour Paintings by Jazeela Sherif

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August 16, 2023

The Brighter Side Collection: Watercolour Paintings by Jazeela Sherif will be held at Durbar Hall Art Gallery (Kerala Lalithakala Academy), Kochi, from August 16-19, 11 am to 7 pm.

Artist Kaladharan will inaugurate the painting exhibition on August 16. Geetha Madhu, Former Addl. Secretary, Dept. of Culture, Kerala will introduce the artist. V. Sobhana, Addl. Director General, Dept. of Telecommunication, and Balachandran. M, a connoisseur of art will speak

The world is a garden of unimaginable colors, choices, cultures, flora, and fauna. Living on the earth, therefore, comes with immense opportunities and challenges.

Human beings get long windows of opportunities devoid of nature’s onslaughts – be it diseases, natural calamities, or epidemics, to enjoy life on earth meaningfully. Unfortunately, we humans tend to create perennial miseries for ourselves through unending hate and greed, as if we are in constant search of darkness. The artist wishes that some of her paintings in the collection named The Brighter Side will urge many a mind to
observe the beauty and simplicity of life around us that we should never fail to appreciate.

Jazeela mastered music at a young age and now pursues painting as her inescapable passion. Despite the difficulty to handle, watercolor is her favorite medium. Widely traveled, she has captured many cityscapes around the globe in her paintings. Having been an engineer turned CFO for a long time, she is now a full-time artist.

A busy corporate career kept her away from the world of art until she was inspired by an accomplished watercolorist colleague while working in Oman. She taught herself the techniques and methods through hundreds of video lessons and paintings of maestros in the field.

Her focus is on capturing the streaks of natural light, shadows, and their play in creating the mood of nature. She adopts a looser style of painting that brings out the natural flow and behavior of watercolors in producing a magical feel. She also does acrylic abstracts and soft pastels that are a natural extension of her interest in watercolor. Her works are passionately appreciated by a strong fan following on social media.

She is an alumnus of College of Engineering – Trivandrum, CUSAT, and the National University of Singapore.