The First 4X4 Mud Race Film in India to be Released on December 10, 2021

The first 4X4 mud race film in India, Muddy, will be released in six languages on December 10, 2021. This is the first Malayalam film for KGF fame music director Ravi Basur.

Ravi Basur told mediapersons here that Hindi films are not only popular in India but also in Pakistan and Bangladesh. But South Indian films are divided in four parts. Now I am trying to bring all the South Indian films as one and treating them as Indian films through a big canvas.

There are several limitations for background music in films which give more importance for dialogues. But as a technician, Muddy gave me more space to work in the film. The cinematographer and editor have presented their skills and I have only given support to the visuals.

Muddy is a film which should be experienced in theatres and Western mastering is adopted here, says Ravi Basur, who is also the sound designer of the film.
Dr. Pragabhal, the director of the film said that mud race was selected as the theme of the film, as he wants to come out with a unique experience to the audience. The choreography design for Muddy was the biggest challenge as there were no other films to refer Muddy race. It took five years of research to start the film, he said.

The screenplay was written giving importance to the characters. After completing the screenplay, the characters cannot be identified and later decided to go for new faces. They were given training in mud racing for two years and national level real mud racers too are part of the film, Dr Pragabhal said.

Cinematographer K G Rathish said that Muddy was a big challenge for him. It was very difficult to shoot at the location for more than three hours and it was a great experience for me, he said.Several films in different languages have been released in India in Sports Drama section. But a full time 4X4 mud race film is for the first time in India. This is also the first film to be released in six languages including English, without superstars.

The teaser and trailer of the film was well accepted by the viewers. Muddy found first place in IMDB Survey list, which shows the Indian cinemas eagerly waiting by the audience. The technicians behind the film are all proved their skills in Indian cinema. Apart from Ravi Basur, Bollywood cameraman K G Rathish and Rakshasan fame editor San Lokesh too joined the team.

Muddy is filmed at beautiful and adventurous locations which give a different visual experience for the movie lovers. Muddy is a multilingual film and it will be released in 6 languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English.

Prema Krishnadas is producing the film under the banner PK 7. Newcomers Yuvan Krishna, Ridhaan Krishna, Anusha Sooraj and Amith Sivadas Nair are in the lead roles. Harish Peradi, I M Vijayan, Ranji Panicker, Sunil Sugatha, Shobha Mohan and Guinness Manoj are also appearing in the film. PR campaign is by PR 360.


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