This Gudi Padwa, Ease your Chores by Upgrading your Home Appliances

With the second wave of the virus and fresh set of guidelines and lockdowns, our homes continue to be the headquarters for all activities. Balancing work, life and family is the key challenge that households are facing. During such times, a festival like Gudi Padwa is a favourable time to invest in home appliances that not only help in easing your chores but also come with upgraded features like health, hygiene, and connectivity.

With beginning of a new year, below are a list of home appliances that are recommended by Voltas Beko that you can choose for your own home or for gifting your loved ones.

 Dishwasher: While dishwashers have been in use for a long time across the globe, they are fairly new to the Indian market. Our traditional Indian households have finally started welcoming this highly efficient appliance in their homes. Brands like Voltas Beko have come up with dishwashers that are customised for use in Indian kitchens, it is proven to clean heavily soiled pots and pans and there’s no need of handwashing. According to experts, washing dishes in a dishwasher not only saves time, water, energy but also maintains a smaller carbon footprint and proper hygiene levels.
Dishwashers are seeing a significant demand from Indian metro cities, leading to the category gaining a lot of popularity. This is the perfect time to bring one to your home.

 Washing Machine: Washing machines are one invention that has given us a great respite to our ever-increasing household chores. In India, our clothes tend to get dirty after every first or second wear, given the high amount of pollution and dirt. Hence washing clothes every week becomes a tedious task. It is a convenient alternative that reduces physical effort and time to wash clothes. These are also energy efficient and uses lesser detergent as compared to hand-washing of clothes. WiFi enabled washing machines with remote access can be very useful around the house. Technologies like Hygiene+ provides anti-allergic laundry that removes pet allergens, mites and pollens for your sensitive skin at a temperature of 60°C. This feature allows us to select the temperature between 20°C and 90°C. During unprecedented time like these it is imperative that our clothes are washed effectively while removing micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi from it.

 Microwave: In our fast-paced life, the microwave is a blessing in the kitchen for convenient and faster cooking, baking, grilling, reheating and defrosting food. The demand for the microwaves have risen even during the pandemic as people stayed at home and upgraded their microwaves for faster and convenient cooking. Investing in a microwave for your kitchen will make the process of preparing food more efficient, allowing you to spend more time to spend with your family or invest in a hobby rather than toiling in the kitchen for hours.

 Refrigerators: While refrigerators have become a common household addition. Investing in one with upgraded technology might just be the right addition to your home. Now refrigerators come with technologies like Active Fresh Blue Light, Fresh Guard™ and Ion Guard™ that helps you store vegetables for almost a month. This reduced the need for frequent trips to the supermarket which can be a blessing especially during the pandemic.

Gudi Padwa is the right time to invest or gift these products like ACs, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, etc.


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