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Three More IT Firms Start Operation at Cyberpark

In Business
September 14, 2021

Three more companies have started operations in the Govt. Cyberpark. USA based Protected Harbor, Kozhikode based MYM Infotech and Networth Software Solutions are the new companies started functioning here. The new facility in Cyberpark is the first centre of Protected Harbor in India.

The IT support and service provider caters clients primarily in the US market. Fasis VP is the India Director. The MYM Infotech is a software development company which caters various traders in the Middle East. Mubashir P is the CEO. Networth is a startup that develops AI and ML based fintech softwares for businesses. Cyberpark General Manager Vivek Nair inaugurated the company.

As many as 30 companies have started operations in Cyberpark during the pandemic alone. The park has a new built-up IT space of 42,744 Sq. Ft. that can accommodate 31 small and medium companies. The ready to occupy space has all the facilities including office furniture.