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Truecaller Announces the Launch of Version 12

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November 25, 2021

In its endeavor to continue offering innovative solutions to users, Truecaller today announced the introduction of “Truecaller Version 12”, an all-new redesign with several user-focused enhancements. It all adds up to the best version of Truecaller yet with all the features our community has been clamouring for.

The app still includes all useful features like Call Alerts, Call Reason, Full Screen Caller ID, Inbox Cleaner, advanced messaging features like Smart SMS, secure backup of SMS/contacts, a powerful dialer and support for 46 languages, while allowing users to unfold newer experiences with Video Caller ID, a redesigned interface, Call Recording, Ghost call and Call Announce. The power-packed features will be gradually rolled for all Android users in India in the coming weeks and several other countries soon.

Commenting on the launch of Truecaller 12, Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product officer and Managing Director, Truecaller India, said: “Truecaller is a vital part of communication for over 22 crore Indians, for both their professional and personal needs. We are humbled by the level of trust people have shown in us but we are also driven by the goal of transforming communication. We also continue to remain focused on user demands and meet them with innovative solutions and offerings. All these new features will allow people to enjoy and exercise greater control over their communication, offering a safe, fun and
fulfilling experience at the same time. We worked hard to add many new features and a streamlined interface without adding complexity. At the same time, the app is faster and leaner, allowing for smoother operation and reduced battery consumption.”

New features: –
Video Caller ID –
Video Caller ID is a fun feature that allows you to set a short video that plays automatically when you call friends and family. You can choose from one of the built in video templates or get creative by recording your own. It makes your calling experience more personalized and unique. This feature will be available for all Truecaller Android users. Streamlined New Interface – Thanks to strong user feedback over the past year, our teams
have decided to introduce separate tabs for calls and SMS. With over 15 Crore people now using Truecaller for SMS, this change was sorely needed. With separate tabs, you can now get to all of your SMS, Truecaller Group Chats and individual chats with just one tap.

Call Recording – You asked for it and it’s finally here! Call Recording was initially introduced as a Premium only feature but it’s now back and available to everyone running Android 5.1 and newer. With Call Recording, you can record all incoming and outgoing calls regardless of whether your device manufacturer includes the feature or not. All recordings are stored locally on the device storage and cannot be accessed by Truecaller. You can listen to or delete recordings within Truecaller or by using a file browser. Recordings can also be shared easily using email, Bluetooth or any messaging service. This is an optional feature and you can start recording with a single tap in either Full-Screen or Pop Up Caller ID after the initial setup process.

Ghost Call – Ghost call is a clever little hack to help Truecaller users get out of sticky situations or play a harmless prank on friends. With Ghost Call, you can set any name, number and photo to make it appear as if you are getting a call from that person. If you prefer, you can also just choose a contact from your phonebook. If you would like to receive the Ghost Call at a later time, you can schedule it. Ghost Call will only be available to Truecaller Premium and Gold subscribers.

Call Announce – If you enable this new optional feature, Truecaller will speak the caller ID for incoming phone calls out loud. This works for saved contacts as well as for numbers identified by Truecaller on both normal voice calls or Truecaller HD Voice calls. It can be quite useful to know who’s calling without even looking at your screen. If you prefer, this can also be enabled while wearing headphones. Like Ghost Call, Call Announce will only be available to Premium and Gold subscribers.