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Uncontrolled Hemorrhage in the Brain: 70-year-old Survives the Condition

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August 18, 2023

A 70-year-old woman survived a rare brain disease, characterized by uncontrolled bleeding from a weakened part of a blood vessel (aneurysm) on the brain’s surface. The bleeding was successfully controlled, and the condition was cured through an advanced neuro-interventional procedure at KIMSHEALTH Trivandrum.

The patient arrived at the emergency department with a persistent and severe headache, accompanied by nausea. An immediate MRI scan confirmed the diagnosis of a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a condition marked by bleeding between the brain and its protective membrane. The buildup of blood in the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain can lead to elevated intracranial pressure, posing critical danger to the patient’s health.

A medical team led by Neurointerventional Radiologist Dr. Santhosh Joseph performed an endovascular coiling procedure, which is an advanced technique to effectively address the aneurysm’s connection with the artery. This minimally invasive approach involves skillfully guiding a microcatheter through the artery while sealing off the weakened area.

“Uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension are the main causes of subarachnoid hemorrhage,” said Dr. Santhosh Joseph. “Traditionally, complex surgical procedures were required for these cases. However, the endovascular coiling procedure enables direct access to the brain aneurysm using a catheter,” he added.

Dr. Manish Kumar Yadav, Consultant, and Dr. Dinesh Babu, Associate Consultant, Department of Neuro Interventional Radiology, along with Dr. Jayanth R Sheshan, Associate Consultant, Department of Neuro Anesthesia, were part of this procedure.